DCR Tool

DCR Tool

The DCR tool is a site for businesses and academia to create and simulate DCR graphs collaboratively. Users can create graphs by using the Graph Editor. The DCR tool adds a social aspect to the DCR-technology: Here, users can invite friends to the tool, send friendship requests to existing users, comment on graphs, browse graphs, use the activity stream for discussing graph design which supports ongoing interdepartmental collaboration and a high degree of model/real world resemblance.

The tool is purely cloud based, which means that it runs out of the box directly in a browser, with no installation or operating system requirements. To access the tool an authenticated user credentials are required which can be obtained by signing up for free

A link to the tool can be found here:

Log in

Users of the DCR Graphs portal must register and sign in on the portal from the sign in page. 3rd party logins like Facebook and LinkedIN are supported.

DCR Sign In


Fig 1: DCR Front page example

The frontpage of the DCR tool gives the user an overview of their own graphs, graphs that are shared with the user as well as public graphs shared by the community owner. Friends can be invited into the tool. Finally, an activity stream enables discussions about specific graphs within the communities.

Graph Editor

The Graph Editor is the tool used to create graphs within the DCR tool. It can be accessed by clicking create new graph, or opening an existing graph.

Tour of DCR

As you use the Graph editor, you can find a step by step tour of the DCR Tool under the Help menu. This is called Start Tour and shows how to create Graphs by using this Tool.