Single instance sub-process

Single instance sub-process

We’ve enhanced the DCR semantics and is now supporting two different types of “grouping of events”:

  • Nesting – the “classical” way of grouping events together
  • Single instance sub-process – a new way of “grouping” events which we believe is more intuitively. Once the grouping is Accepting, i.e. no pending events (blue exclamation marks) exists, the sub-process is considered done.
The main difference between nesting and sub-process is that in nesting all events must be executed before you can proceed, while for sub-processes the process must be in accepting mode to continue. This is illustrated with this graph.

Nesting vs sub-process
Notice that Continue2 is enabled while Continue1 is not. The reason is that the Subprocess is accepting, i.e. no pending events exists.

Also – notice that no roles can be selected for a sub-process.

You choose between nesting and sub-process in the advanced options dialog.

Choose between Nesting and Subprocess