For all graphs a set of scenarios can be defined. A scenario is a typical path taken to complete the proces, or an invalid path you should not be able to take. Scenarios can be created either by creating a simulation or by using the swimlane editor.

The expense report graph have a set of scenarios, sometimes also referred to as representative simulations.

Scenarios for an expense report
When scenarios are displayed the swimlane for the first scenario will be displayed. When the user selects a new scenario the swimlane will be shown.

Three types of scenarios exists:

  • Required – this path must be possible to complete
  • Optional – this path might be possible to do
  • Forbidden – this path can not be completed

Re-running scenarios

Scenarios can be re-run at any time by clicking the re-run simulation button. Valid scenarios will be shown with a green marker whereas invalid will be shown with a red marker.

Re-run scenarios

Each scenario can be shown as a swimlane by selecting Edit under each scenario.

Swimlane editor

The swimlane module enabled the user to validate and change scenarios rather than re-running simulations.Opening a swimlane is shown below:

Scenario as a swimlane

Clicking Edit and then Validate trace the scenario will be validated.

Forbidden scenario