For each graph a set of representative simulations, called scenarios, can be maintained. Each scenario can be marked as

  • Required
  • Optional
  • Forbidden
    A required scenario must always be executable whereas a forbidden can never be executed.
Scenarios can be used to easy present the process to users in an easy understandable way as outlined below:

A swimlane
All scenarios are shown on the front page of the portal for each graph. You can see whether the scenario is required, optional or forbidden, as well as the percentage of how often the scenario is expected to occur.

Scenarios of a graph
Scenarios are maintained under Simulation History

Simulation history

Export scenarios

Scenarios can be exported by selecting the menu Export Scenarios in the menu

Simulation Menu

It will create an XML file using the DCR XML Log format.

Import scenarios

Importing scenarios can be used to create scenarios and graphs from traces from various process analysis from various 3rd party systems. As log as the log follows the DCR XML Log format we can import scenarios and create the graphs.

Simply select the “Import Scenarios” in the menu

Select file to import
Pick a file

All scenarios in file shown
Click Begin Import

Resulting graph
Currently we do not position activities nor do we add roles to the activities.

Resulting graph on frontpage