Release history


Release history

Release 4.10 – xxx, 2020 – Planned

  • Introducing process fragments to split large graphs into components and re-use common component

Release 4.9 – xxx, 2020 – Planned


  • New Features:
    • Support for View Type for Relations in DCR Designer in order to show, dim or hide relations while viewing the graph
  •  Improvements:
    • DCR Simulator now shows the value of computational events while simulating in the log
    • DCR Simulator now support to revert to some previous step, when simulation is paused and resume simulation from there
    • Renamed “Sequence editor” in DCR Designer to “Activity Editor” with basic documentation and Advanced options available for easy editing of activity properties
    • Renew account > Support for Academic users in account renewal process
    • DCR Designer: UI/UX improvement. Added ‘s’ for sub-process in lower right corner
  • Bugs Fixes:
    • Fixed: Grouping type for parent activity is set to Default if no child activity exists
    • Fixed: Document Generator: Now show all scenarios should, rather than just scenarios that has isAccepting checkbox = true
    • Fixed: Title of collection is renaming wrongly on Dashboard
    • Fixed: created date/by and modified date/by is missing in export scenario
    • Fixed: Extra/wrong notification is receiving when simulation is started
    • Fixed: Mentions are not working in Activity Stream
    • Fixed: Duplicate users are showing in Invite User tab in Connections
    • Fixed: Null alias for users in simulation log
    • Fixed: Simulation type is updating wrong in Edit Simulation
    • Fixed: Edit simulation not working in Simulation History when description is Null


  • Improvements:
    • Get scenarios/simulation – also return created + last modified date + created/modified by

Release 4.8 – December 19th, 2019


  • New Features:
    • Support for Duration in Delay/Deadline
  • Improvements:
    • Process Engine upgraded to version 2.18.1 patch that has various improvements
    • Fast loading of connections listing
    • No-Response UI updates in DCR Designer
    • In recommendation next step section, show Title of activity instead of ID
    • Improved calculation for recommendation next step
    • Analyze instances works w.r.t user’s local time
    • Export scenarios/simulation – also return created + last modified date + created/modified by
    • Updated design for social registration page
  • Bugs Fixes:
    • Fixed: Search not working for Connections and Recent Graphs on Dashboard
    • Fixed: Categories not showing on Dashboard if we rename collection with special characters
    • Fixed: Error if we use danish characters in username while registration
    • Fixed: Error in console on Extend Account page
    • Fixed: Filtered roles are not clearing properly in Activities section on Dashboard
    • Fixed: Error in console if we click on some recent graph or some category
    • Fixed: English value is showing instead of Danish in Swimlanes editor
    • Fixed: Document generator: Scenarios missing from document
    • Fixed: Re-run of scenario fails after export-import
    • Fixed: Save button layout in App store
    • Fixed: On updating some app, value of [AddToAllUsers] sets to Null, it must retain its value
    • Fixed: Pre-set list has duplicate empty values in Form server
    • Fixed: Remove capitalize from notification text
    • Fixed: Analyze simulation not working for particular graphs
    • Fixed: Error message needs to be changed if re-run for all scenarios fails
    • Fixed: Date picker does not work in Sequence Editor in vertical layout
    • Error logging has been added for Swimlane


  • Improvements:
    • Block user – if leave the simulation
  • Bugs Fixes:
    • Fixed: If no simulation exists, then redirect to ‘root’


  • New Features:
    • Ability to assign activities to roles by selecting Activity
    • Show summary of retrieved suggestions when the NLP services is called
    • If suggested activity contains a subject, use it as a role
    • Size modifier for the controller
  • Improvements:
    • Updated helper text for top navigation bar
    • Alias drop-down gets updated every time the user creates an element (role, activity, relation)
    • Type of relation should be check-box instead of radio control to create multiple at a time
    • Improved Alias For list while creating a suggested alias
  • Bugs Fixes:
    • Fixed: List in app not refreshing automatically for roles and relations created/deleted from graph
    • Fixed: Creating relations using all instances options
    • Fixed: New relations cannot be merged with highlighted relations
    • Fixed: Arrow is missing for suggestion tool tip
    • Fixed: Suggestions must not be shown for commented text
    • Fixed: Tool tip is missing on Suggest button
    • Fixed: Activity label is not updating in editor unless we reload
    • Fixed: Suggested items count is not showing fine
    • Fixed: Show only Activities/Roles/Relations functionality is not working

Release 4.7.1 – November 22nd, 2019


  • Improvements:
    • Edit scenario and simulation – now enter html text and not only plain text
  • Bugs Fixes:
    • Fixed: When click on Shared Category, public graphs in the category are not shown

Release 4.7 – November 15th, 2019


  • New Features:
    • Added support for a new relation – no-response – opposite of a response
    • Added category details with activities and roles listing on Dashboard
    • Added all Danish municipalities list in designer in Choice data field
  • Improvements:
    • Notify user before 3 days of account’s expiration
    • Mouse wheel turned off for zoom in/out
    • Updated export format for BPMN diagram downloaded from simulation history
    • Phase Calculation is updated to include subprocess
    • More room for save scenario/simulation pop-up
  • Bugs Fixes:
    • Fixed: phase not calculating fine due to exclude relation
    • Fixed: phases not showing initially when we start simulation , on new graph and after reload
    • Fixed: recently opened graph not appearing in Recent and “RECENTLY VIEWED GRAPHS” sections
    • Fixed: form values getting reset on selecting some date from calendar in Save Scenario pop-up
    • Fixed: un-assigned activities showing in wrong role
    • Fixed: pending sign not showing fine in Swimlanes
    • Fixed: error on register page
    • Fixed: data type list sorting
    • Fixed: localization issues
    • Fixed: on starting simulation, extra notification being received to user himself
    • Fixed: Analyse Instances button should be disabled if there are 0 instances

      Converter App

  • Improvements:
    • Added support for logging error in database instead of log file
    • Added support to show all events instead of form event which are included
    • Added support to show initial rule in document with comma instead of new line
  • Bugs Fixes:
    • Fixed memory cleanup after Latex process don’t end properly
    • Fixed issue if there is no description or too long description for scenarios
    • Fixed Special character issue in events while creating swimlanes images
    • Fixed issue related to proper error message if file size is 0 Kb

Release 4.6 – October 31st, 2019

  • New Features:
  • Improvements:
    • Process Engine upgraded to version 2.18.1 supporting time and various improvements
    • Swimlanes now have similar UI to BPMN swimlanes
    • Users can now login using email address associated with account as well.
    • Comment field added for Major Revisions
    • Social media registration page UI/UX updated
  • Bugs Fixes:
    • Fixed: URL for About DCR in footer
    • Fixed: Import scenarios importing previously imported scenarios again
    • Fixed: Swimlanes, correct date not enabling on time forward pop-up while creating a new scenario
    • Fixed: Time format in swimlanes
    • Fixed: Re-run scenario issues
    • Fixed: Swimlanes, Unassigned role issue
    • Fixed: Is Accepting not correct for simulation, with sub-process
    • Fixed: Non-utf8 character in graph keywords
    • Fixed: Localization issues

Release 4.5.1 – October 7th, 2019


  • New Features:
    • Faster assignments of graph elements with text (including search functionality)
    • Productivity – Rework the top navigation bar (item creation)
    • Productivity – Non-destructive integration of multiple textual highlights to the same activity: now it becomes easier to trace and edit the content of your labels and descriptions, when adding marking existing text in the highlighter
    • Productivity – Support for highlighting over nested existing highlights.
    • UI – Garbage collection for unused highlights.
    • UI : Added temporary highlights to identify working elements on a marked text.
    • Top navigation bar has been redesigned to allow for insertion modes. Now you can double click on [Add Role], [Add Activity], [Add Relation], [Add Alias] to enter a mode where only one highlighting type is permitted, speeding up the marking of larger corpora. Click again on the button to come back to the standard mode.
    • NLP Service: Now suggest can be parameterised with component categories: select between roles, activities, relations, or a combination of them.
    • Productivity – Now marking multiple occurrences of text only add full words.
    • NLP Service > We simplified the interface of the Suggest, so information is understood faster.
    • Productivity – Support for overlays when working in different modes (for instance, using the NLP and Manual highlights at the same time)
  • Bugs Fixed:
    Major bug fixes, mostly in related to relation management, character encodings, and UI

    • UI > While creating relation – preview dark orange color should be marked on text
    • UI > Layour of buttons in top nav bar should not be in 3 lines
    • UI > Suggest and Edit Text buttons are not enabling correctly
    • UI > Assign text sub-menu is opening on click instead of hover
    • UI > If we close create relation pop-up using cross button then temporary highlight is not removing
    • UI > Text is hiding behind create relation pop-up box
    • UI > an annoying x was presented in overlays, now its gone
    • UI > Helper menu must update on selection change
    • UI > Marked and non-marked relations should have the same alignment.
    • UI > Multiple context menus should not be opened at a time
    • Alias > Existing item list is not closing on making alias
    • Text marking > Assign text option should always be available in the context menu
    • Encoding > Roles support now UTF-8 character set.
    • Encoding > Full UTF-8 character set support
    • Encoding – Copy pasting of text is not working fine in text editor due to UTF encoding
    • Relations > Fixed bug on when adding new relation to existing marking
    • Relations > All highlighted relations must be identifiable.
    • Relations > New relations couldn’t be merged with highlighted relations, now they can
    • Relations > Highlighted text should allow to add and delete new relations
    • Relations > Improving deletion of relations from the highlighter
    • Relations, NLP Service > Relation suggestion was removed if we choose to cancel creating relation
    • NLP service> On un-selecting any checkbox, Select All checkbox should get un-checked
    • NLP Service > Accepted Suggestions should always have a label.
    • Integration > Selected elements in the modeller should correspond to selected elements in the highlighter, and vice-versa

Release 4.5 – September 20th, 2019

  • Added support for datetime and duration for data type events
  • Added support to handle user accounts
  • Added support for all the characters of all languages of portal
  • Handling of invalid UTF-8 characters
  • Added support to make data type event a simple (non-data type) event
  • Added success message on profile update
  • Fixed issue of correct roles are not assigned on import scenarios
  • Fixed issue of re-run simulation taking too much time
  • Fixed issue of data type event not showing in correct role in swimlanes
  • Fixed issue of delete scenarios on dashboard
  • Fixed issue of not all the templates are showing in Templates section
  • Fixed localization issues

Release 4.4.1 – September 12th, 2019

  • Fixed history button issue for Learn More on Dashboard
  • Fixed “Re-run all scenarios” related issues

Release 4.4 – August 29th, 2019

  • DCR Process Engine updated to version 2.14.0
  • Added support for DCR designer in iFrame for OCM
  • Added date/time and sorting for user experience events
  • Added support for accepting state and role validation on scenario re-run
  • Updated status messages for analyzer app
  • Fixed issue of accessing swimlanes with proper rights
  • Fixed issue of validating traces in multiple tabs
  • Fixed issue of swimlanes not generating during simulation for in-graph form
  • Fixed localization issues
  • Minor UI/UX changes

Release 4.3.1 – August 14th, 2019

Release 4.3 – July 26th, 2019

  • Add support to show data values for any form/data event in simulation log
  • Responsible – ability to specify data on Roles
  • DCR Process Engine updated to version 2.3.1
  • Fixed issue for advance time not showing in swimlanes during graph simulation
  • Fixed issue for Analyze Scenarios button not available for Public Graphs
  • Fixed various issues in document generator
  • Fixed localization and UI/UX issues

Release 4.2 – June 27th, 2019

  • Highlighter
    • New natual language processing module that analyze the text and make suggestions to the user for roles, activities and relations
    • Highlighter: Added suggestions for text
    • Highlighter: Added Tool bar for easy content creation
    • Highlighter: Added support for Alias, Comment and Mark all instances in text
    • Highlighter: Added new Menu Options added for better selection and content generation
  • Fixed relations not working for in-line forms in simulation
  • Fixed translation related issues
  • Fixed swim lanes time related issues
  • Fixed IE related issues for swim lanes and graph
  • Fixed text import issues with special characters
  • DCR Form subscription editing from DCR Designer

Release 4.1 – May 24th, 2019

  • Added support for German, Italian, Swedish and Norwegian languages
  • Added support to analyze non-representative simulations of graph
  • Un-happy scenarios are excluded from analyzer
  • Added support to display reason of re-run simulation failure in swim-lanes
  • Added [] – brackets around guards to distinguish between guards and time on constraints in graph
  • Fixed issue of side bar settings getting null on profile update
  • Fixed issue of error on ‘Shared by me’ graph filter in IE and Edge browsers
  • Fixed issue of public graph should not be made private by user(s) other than owner
  • Fixed issue of special characters in revision history
  • Fixed issue of public url not available for newly created graphs unless it gets reloaded
  • Bugs fixing in general to improve performance and UI/UX

Release 4.0 – April 26th, 2019

  • Path History – ability to choose simulations to be analyzed
  • Learn more about DCR – introduction to DCR graphs based on a DCR graph

Release 3.9.3 – April 22nd, 2019

  • Servers secured by certificate and now only supporting https
  • Moved to new more robust servers

Release 3.9.2 – April 11th, 2019

  • DCR Forms – various improvements
    • Dynamically update recipient, body and subject in SMTP with form activity value, e.g. %Email%
    • Bug 44264 – Error message is showing when we are uploading some file , even if the file type is allowed
    • Bug 39926 – mail not generating if we have executed ‘Web Link’ data type field in our form

Release 3.9.1 – April 5th, 2019

  • DCR Active Repository – various improvements
    • getEvents now also return sequenceNo (44051)
    • sorting options now working in getGraph (41625)
    • Can get referred form with latest updated XML in getxml API (46738)
    • Update status code on Unauthorize Acess to Graph in repository (46812)
    • DateTime Format in ISO 8601 in trace Log (36142)
    • Init time is stored with GMT time instead of server time (44201)
    • API to exclude event dynamically (46811)

Release 3.9 – March 27th, 2019

  • Options sidebar – new grouping of fields
  • Settings in DCR Designer
  • Graph Revisions. Now we only save major versions of graphs as well as the latest 30 minor revisions more than 30 days old.
  • Simulation History – always open own scenarios in edit mode
  • Path History – ability to download DOT, PDF and SVG file
  • Registration page – new mandatory Company field (45823)
  • Bugfixes
    • 43961 – Swimlane editor – issue if title too long
    • 45473 – Swimlane editor – issue if role description more than 250 characters
    • Import and Export Scenarios – minor fixes (46459)

Release 3.8.1 – March 7th, 2019

  • Path History did not work if Forbidden (un-happy) scenarios existed. Now only takes Required and Neutral scenarios for analysis.
    • Swimlane now opens in edit mode from Simulation History

Release 3.8 – February 28th, 2019

  • Path History makes it possible to analyze scenarios and see the diversity of how people travel through the process
  • Learn more on front page of portal
  • Graph ownership now displayed under Resources
  • Updated registration page
  • Bug fixing
    • Excluded sub-process marked dotted (43677)

Release 3.7.3 – February 22nd, 2019

  • DCR Forms server now supports API to delete cache folder on server as well as providing a remote cache folder on target system to avoid uploading documents to DCR Form Server
  • Bug fixing
    • DCR Form to PDF – links with # failed in conversion

Release 3.7.2 – February 19th, 2019

Release 3.7.1 – February 12th, 2019

Release 3.7 – January 31th, 2019

  • Performance improvement in dashboard when searching and viewing graph list
  • Ability to view “My graphs”
  • DCR Active Repository – support for many new operations
    • Create and remove events in simulations
    • Create and remove relations in simulations
    • Events in excluded sub-processes not considered enabled or pending
  • Bug fixing
  • New process engine 2.3.1 for active repository

Release 3.6.1 – January 4th, 2019

Release 3.6.0 – December 31th, 2018

  • DCR Form model updated. Old referred DCR Form’s will not work anymore but easy to change.
  • Added support for showing forms of data events in simulation
  • Added support for datatypes for all default type events
  • Graphs listing on dashboard will use server side search now
  • Four standard apps from AppStore now default to all users – Path Analyzer, Highlighter, Document Generator and Dead end analyzer
  • Bug fixes
    • App store search updated according to user organization
    • Sorted Datatype list alphabetically
    • Expression validation invalid error issue
    • Issue when datatype modal was closed, the datatype list items were disabled if event had no datatype
    • Copy paste issue where activity datatypes were not being copied if they had any datatype
    • Runtimes issue with childs for subprocess
    • Resigtration Error messages & translations
    • Date/Time formats for swimlanes
    • Minor UI/UX issues & Console Errors
  • Active Repository – many new operations. Old link will be removed by the end of January 2019, so change URL from to now.

Release 3.5.1 – November 30th, 2018

  • Added expressions validation on selecting the relations
  • Updated Translations
  • Fixed Bugs:
    • Collaborative Simulation UI/UX issues if simulation is paused/resumed
    • Graph Sharing and Collaboration issues for editing graphs
    • Simulation Initialization failure and Notifications issues
    • UX issue with Expressions on Relations
    • Simulation Logs tool tip with HTML tags
    • Simulation render not working with Highlighter App
    • New graph option is not available for categories under some collection
    • Resources parameter length in resources during simulation
    • Activity Types, list not auto scrolling for newly created Parameters
    • Roles and Group filters not working properly after Select All
    • Copy/Paste not copying run times of copied items
    • CTRL + O issue if CTRL is pressed and switching tabs in browser
    • Graph Background Color not correct in resources on graph load
    • Wrong Graph Update Date for newly created graphs
    • Activity types not escaping Slashes and their parameters don’t load due to it
    • Add Resource item fields not clearing properly
    • Organizations logos not showing
    • Simulation Export API issues
    • App Store Search is not Organization base
    • Automated users missing profiles
    • Scenarios Listing fetching all simulations of graph, it should only fetch scenarios
    • Revision History showing HTML content for Guide
    • Activity Stream UI/UX issues
    • Minor UI/UX issues

Release 3.5 – November 21st, 2018

  • Updated Referred icon color as red for missing/invalid graphs
  • Categories List on Dashboard is Expanded by default now
  • New Graph option in Dashboard for Categories list under their Options
  • Fixed Bugs:
    • Keywords not importing on importing Graph
    • Wiki not logging in on clicking Wiki link from footer for logged in user
    • Text is showing on canvas when we search some activity in search path App
    • Categories in Graph Resources are not sorted
    • User images not aligned in circles
    • UI issue for Search App suggestions list
    • Activity Wizard checkbox UI issue
    • Public checkbox not sync with Template checkbox on opening the share modal again after making a graph template
    • Revision history, Major Revision issues with special characters

Release 3.4.1 – November 7th, 2018

Release 3.4 – October 31th, 2018

  • Phases in simulation
  • Computational events in designer
  • Alert if user tries to modify a read only graph
  • Updated process engine to version 2.2.1
  • Various bug fixes

Release 3.3.5 – October 18th, 2018

  • Scenarios shown as default when selecting a graph
    • Ability to re-run scenarios from front-page
  • Export and import simulations – change to XML attributes for required, optional and forbidden scenarios
  • Various bug fixes

Release 3.3 – September 28th, 2018

  • DCR Form in simulations improvements
    • Using latest process engine version 2.2.0
  • Wizard to import scenarios from DCR XML Log format and create a graph
  • Updated process engine to version 2.2.0
  • Graphs with read only access shown with orange header – not blue – to warn that changes will not be saved
  • Bug fixes
    • Issue with form label/id not updating
    • Nesting icon not appearing when nesting an activity
    • Type list in options enabled for newly created sub-process
    • Tool tip horizontal scroll issue for activities
    • Nesting icon appearing on sub-process
    • Wiki links in tour steps not working fine
    • Updated search to be case sensitive for import graphs/open graphs in editor
    • Special characters issue in swim-lanes for simulation
    • Updated behavior of type>subprocess activities marking with respect to their children
    • Export svg/png not working in Internet explorer
    • Issue with scenario import in swim-lane designer
    • Simulation not working due to form guards.
    • Issue of user profile view, if logged in user id is provided.
    • Assign roles list not behaving properly on simulation users.
    • Shared categories not working properly while creating new graphs

Release 3.2 – August 30th, 2018

  • DCR Form in simulations using sub-process (postponed from July)
    • Using latest process engine version 2.1.0
  • Swimlane editor – ability to save and verify path
  • Document Generator – now use new swimlane layout for scenarios
  • Updated process engine to version 2.1.0
    • Supporting more advanced expressions, including < and >
    • Supporting computational events
    • Fixing issue with old DCR XML
  • DCR Active Repository – various improvements
    • Settime now supported
  • Various bugfixes
    • LinkedIn login failing (patched Thursday August 9th)

Release 3.1 – July 31st, 2018

  • Swimlane editor – time and UX improvements
  • Show activity id and partial description on tooltip (mouse over)
  • Expressions in guards now validated when entered
  • If deadline is overdue show activity in red
  • Only show hours and minutes for deadlines – hide seconds
  • DCR Activity Respository – return phase
  • Export scenario – include initial time
  • Added time to swimlane editor
  • Updated process engine to version 2.0.1
  • Various bugfixes
    • Time – localization issue, no deadlock lead to lack of date field

Release 3.0 – June 29th, 2018

  • Support for Absolute time in the portal
  • Process Engine upgraded to 2.0
  • Replay simulation now show swimlane
  • Various bugfixes
    • Stream
    • Public view of graph – disabled feedback

Release 2.9.1 – May 24th, 2018

  • Ability to change a swimlane, add roles and activities in swimlane
  • Export scenario to a file
  • Phases now supported in modelling
  • Process Engine upgraded to 1.7

Release 2.9 – April 25th, 2018

  • DCR Active Repository enhanced to export and import scenarios/trace logs in DCR XML Log format
  • New app in appstore, named highlighter, which is now in beta. Enables maintaining graphs and legal texts at the same time.
  • View scenarios, representative simulations, in a swimlane viewer.
  • Ability to enter percentage for happy and neutral simulations/scenarios
  • Feedback from designer tool now supported – look in lower right corner. Comments and ideas appreciated.

Release 2.8 – March 30th, 2018

  • Process Engine upgraded to 1.6.1 – now supporting referred graphs
  • Support for referred graphs in designer
  • DCR Form in simulations (beta)
  • Various bug fixes
  • DCR Form internationalization issue – IE, Edge, Safari issues solved

Release 2.7 – February 21st, 2018

  • DCR semantics enhanced to support Single instance sub-process support – easy to choose between “nesting” and “sub-process”
  • Various issues solved

Release 2.6 – January 17th, 2018

  • Web-socket issue (SignalR) fixed on production server
  • Plug-in framework issue with localization fixed
  • Removed limit on event type parameter
  • Fixed issue with simulation when a label had a quote in it
  • DCR Active Repository issue – get Events – fixed
  • Fixed sorting and search for get graphs in DCR Active Repository

Release 2.5 – December 26th, 2017

  • New portal – the portal has been redesigned for easier and better collaboration
    • Place graphs in categories for easier management and sharing of graphs
    • Group categories into collections
    • Ability to see who has contributed to a graph
  • DCR Form Server

Release 2.4 – November 29th, 2017

  • Document Generator APP updated (as Nov 27) – few minor changes
  • Sequence of events for all DCR graphs – not only DCR Forms

Release 2.3.1 – November 27th, 2017

  • Document Generator APP updated. Moved graph image and simulations, now named scenarios to the top of the document. Placed roles and activity overview in appendix. Removed relations overview. Added table of content. Simplified look-n-feel of document.

Release 2.3 – November 2nd, 2017

  • Parameters for activity types – parameter title and value can now be more than 50 characters
  • Edit activity types and parameters – more room to edit and view
  • Ordering activities using sequence-attribute in DCR xml
  • Slider control is updated to support latest customer requirements
  • DCR Forms updated to use latest process engine. Ability to open graph instances using simcode parameter, allowing pre-executing events in a form before opening it. Multiple end-points can now be configured. Event and Group value generic value replacement, i.e. $(value). File upload issues solved, including executables, invalid or long filenames.
  • DCR Active Repository – new function returns graph instance simulation code.
  • Document Generator issue with event labels

Release 2.2 – October 29th, 2017

Release 2.1 – September 29th, 2017

  • Ability to give costs of an activity and see costs while simulating
  • DCR Form – Slider control is added in Tool and dynamic form inside portal

Release 2.0 – August 31th, 2017

Release 1.6.5 – July 26th, 2017

  • When selecting connections arrows show dotted rectangle around connection instead of changing color to blue
  • Green border in simulation disappeared on hover – now restored properly
  • Changing to DCR tour – more information added
  • Spanish language support

Release 1.6.3 – June 21st, 2017

  • Added DCR tour – digital on-boarding capabilities
  • DCR Active Repository – minor changes and bug fixes
  • DCR Form – performance enhancements, label data type added

Release 1.6 – May 24th, 2017

  • DCR Process Engine – found error that caused large graphs with many nesting to run very slow. Significant performance improvement.
  • DCR Active Repository – isAccepting added to eventXML, eventType and data extended
  • DCR Form – table grid is saved on enter and editable on double click, bug in Internet Explorer when using grid is solved, alignment of control and rows

Release 1.5.2 – April 26th, 2017

  • Graph completeness capabilities extended
  • Added parameters for activity types
  • Sequence editor for editing activity description and sequence
  • Rich text editor capabilities added for activity descriptions
  • New DCR Form capabilities, Cancel button, pre-defined choice field datasets, pending count includes syntax errors
  • DCR Active Repository, added get list of graphs

Release 1.5 – March 29th, 2017

  • Fixed issue related to empty keywords stored for graph
  • DCR Active Repository event type of nested events
  • DCR Active Repository update for unauthenticated user
  • Fixed DCR Form custom validation translation issue
  • Fixed DCR Form nested event issue in dynamic form document generation
  • Fixed issue of deleted graphs count for super admin pages
  • Consecutive zero check in custom validation
  • Choice dataset presets via JSON – country codes, languages, dialing codes”

Release 1.4.4 – February 28th, 2017

  • Undo/Redo in editor
  • Table grid data type in DCR Form
  • DCR Form localization
  • Document Generator for DCR Form
  • Export BPMN from simulation history
  • Ability to tag graphs with keywords
  • Various bugfixes

Release 1.4.1 – January 25th, 2017

  • Snap to grid in editor
  • Bugfixes
    • Roles assignment to pasted items
    • Blank save as name
    • Internet Explorer not rendering refer R and import cancel button
    • “Public Graph”” heading removed from tab Public
    • When we search graph and then press next or #2 we lose the search criteria
    • Keywords are not saved and revision history is not maintained for keywords
    • Added border between groups activity and groupless activity
    • Fixed user own graphs like button issue on tools page
    • Fixed keyword update on edit issue
    • Fixed issue with document generator – in case of an empty graph at the time of creation
    • Fixed spelling mistakes on plugin page
    • Add links title on dashboard page
    • Fixed required issue on custom validation parameter
    • Fixed spelling issue in custome validatio error messages
    • Fixed issue related to custom validation parameter type
    • Added the functionality to show data on Super admin page without any organization

Release 1.4 – January 18th, 2017

  • DCR Form – custom validation rules for Danish CPR and CVR
  • Fixed issue related to copy-paste of activities in editor
  • Ability to associate tags or keywords, #customer, with graphs
  • DCR Forms – new validation rules
    • IsNumeric
    • IsDanishCPR
    • IsDanishCVR

Release 1.3.2 – December 2nd, 2016

Release 1.3 – November 16th, 2016

  • Internationalization – fixed a few issues
  • Localization for English, Danish and Portueguese brazilian completed
  • New simulation window layout – not displaying graph but rather swimlane of simulation
  • Issues using Internet Explorer on reviewed and solved
  • Document Generator fixed issue for old graphs not having simulation type in simulation history

Release 1.2.5 – November 9th, 2016

  • New simulation window layout – not displaying graph but rather swimlane of simulation
  • Document Generator now includes type of relation in relations overview and now supports local language
  • DCR Active Repository – new function isAccepting added
  • Example Windows program using DCR Active Repository released in order to provide example of how to use DCR Active Repository from 3rd party application
  • Duplication of relations in multi-instance processes – fixed
  • Internationalization and Localization improvements

Release 1.2.3 – October 7th, 2016

  • Removed special characters restriction from graph title/description, resources, activity/connection label/description
  • Fixed sequence editor issue of reseting sequence on activity edit
  • Fixed revision history repeated title/description entries
  • Fixed plugins panel stuck behind top bar on small screens
  • Added tasks counter on filtering simulation tasks
  • Fixed save as not working with updated xml
  • Added qTip to handle escaped HTML and for svg support of tooltips
  • App menu is now disabled if no apps enabled
  • Added footer for
  • Fixed facebook sharing not working
  • Fixed issues with graph sharing
  • Events colors in side bar
  • Sub process reference in side bar after localization integration
  • Added error logging with api to log javascript error on to server
  • Fixed some Minor UI/UX issues
  • DCR Forms
    • All grouping functionality should be same now
    • If First fieldset,accordion or tab is hidden next available fieldset,accordion or tab should be opened
    • Fixed issue when datatype is moved from datetime to text
    • Max value of datetime is solved
    • Sequence issue in sequence editor is fixed
    • Group with pending activites is highlighted on close button or blur of activity
    • Highlighted group show number of pending event on mouse over
    • Checkbox default value excuted on load
    • Fixed all the datatypes min max values
    • Fixed Float datatype min max saving issue
    • Fixed issue that collpisible cool filedset arrow was not showing in simulation
    • Fixed validation of money message issue
    • Fixed issue of pending activty with no datatype stop close button
    • Fixed issue that activity with no datatype its group should not render empty
    • Fixed issue that on edit datetime datatype date picker was not showing
    • Fixed issue that on edit datetime datatype selected dates were not hightlighted

Release 1.2.2 – September 20th, 2016

  • Tasks without a role shown as “un-assigned” in task list if selecting “group by roles”
  • “Group by roles” now default in simulation
  • Internationalization and localization – My Graphs, Shared Graphs, Main Menu, Event Options, Simulation toolbar and popup
  • Internationalization and localization – Added a language picker in the toolbar
  • Using a form as a referred graph, issues fixed
  • DCR Forms
    • Close and Cancel button behavior change, not part of DCR Graphs logic anymore, check form isAccepting on case of Close and warn if not accepting
    • Global store issue fixed so previous values are updated correctly
    • Added support for the TAB navigation
    • Show group description in top of “grouping”
    • Added support of showing links in the hint text for fields
    • Checkbox/boolean type not always correct, bug fixed
  • DCR Active Repository
    • Add simulation intialize XML method is added
    • Response status code is change from 200 to 201 in all created Methods
    • Change the URL’s of DCR Active Repository

Release 1.2.1 – September 7th, 2016

Release 1.2 – August 31st, 2016

  • DCR Active Repository added enabled 3rd party applications to use DCR Graphs as respository for running processes
    • Storing Graph
    • Retriving Graph with ID
    • Instantiate DCR Graph
    • Get Enabled And Pending events of simulation
    • Execute Event Data
  • Ability to simulate without rendering – performance optimization for large graphs
  • DCR Forms – simplified logic implemented using FormButton
  • Ability to view references graphs in Options panel
  • Code refactoring

Release 1.1.5 – July 29th, 2016

  • Document Generator – fixed issue with special characters
  • DCR Forms – display model for groups supporting different models, grouping, tabbing, accordion etc
  • DCR Forms – fixing issue with choice field not working properly

Release 1.1.2 – June 29th, 2016

  • Document Generator – now also export HTML and ZIP file (with images and LaTex source). Relation overview added. Don’t show empty sections, e.g. “Groups (0)”. Sort simulations by type, e.g. Happy, Neutral and Un-Happy, and show type in title.
  • Minor bug fixes (DEL key deletes too much if text is highlighted, too many invitation replies, sharing graph on Facebook)

Release 1.1.1 – June 15th, 2016

  • Ability to search for graphs in My Graphs
  • Fading relation arrows when simulating
  • Group by roles error fixed
  • Issue when starting simulation in Firefox solved
  • DCR Forms beta 1 – hide open button as control logic has been modified
  • Favourites graphs empty – issue solved
  • When starting simulation and filtering friends roles could not be selected – issue solved

Release 1.1 – June 1st, 2016

  • Document Generator fixed swimlane issue
  • Save As graph now saves the current changes to the graph and not just a copy of the original graph

Release 1.0.8 – May 27th, 2016

  • Document Generator – new APP released – download a full description of your graph in Word or PDF
  • When inviting users with email use their fullname and job title
  • 404 page not found

Release 1.0.7 – May 18th, 2016

  • Log in using Google+ or Office 365
  • External authentication provides (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Office 365) password reset – hint user to go to external site
  • Export of PNG image now without canvas
  • When locating friends now search each time rather than just filter result in web page

Release 1.0.6 – May 12th, 2016

  • Icon on self-exclude is now smaller than before
  • Exporting DCR Graphs as images excludes canvas
  • Guards now allowed on relations between events in processes
  • Now search rather than filtering when locating connections

Release 1.0.4 – April 15th, 2016

  • Show role and group descriptions in Requirement Specification APP
  • Dead-end analysis APP – ability to analyze a graph and find potential “dead ends”
  • DCR Forms – hint and help text added
  • Show description of event/activity in task list
  • Show description of event/activity in log as on mouse over, once executed
  • APPStore/plug-in framework – usability improvements
  • Bugfixes

Release 1.0 – March 22nd, 2016

  • See all notifications
  • Like! a graph
  • Public page for graphs and simulations – ability to publish a graph
  • Export a DCR Graphs as a PDF document – new APP called “requirement specification with PDF”
  • Social media integration – share your graphs and simulations on social medias such as Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Ability to see whom you have shared your graphs with
  • Share a graph for read/write – in previous releases graphs was always shared for Read only. Now graphs can be shared for Write, or update, enabling co-authoring graphs with co-workers
  • Enhanced Friends and Connections
  • Favorites and Like! tab in My Graphs
  • Can now make graphs un-public – failed beforehand
  • On frontpage provide feature overview rather than common activity stream
  • Activity stream mentions tab added
  • DCR Graphs Save-As capabilities added in order to easily create a new version of the same graph
  • Description added for Roles and Groups
  • Usability enhancements on Resources panel
  • Ability to resize swimlane window for simulation
  • DCR loading icon
  • Graph Filters on Tool Enhanced and moved to Side bar
  • Simulation Tasks Enhanced with filters and collapse/expand of groups
  • Icon for activity stream for a graph – on front page
  • Simulations – ability to step backwards to previous step in simulation by pausing simulation, selecting step and resuming simulation
  • DCR Forms beta 1 – use DCR Graphs to create forms
  • Bug Fixing to enhance the user experience and stability of the product