A process is by definition a systematic series of actions directed toward some end.1

Every graph can be considered a process, but a graph can contain sub-processes. A sub-process can be either

  • single-instance sub-process – meaning it is just a process embedded inside the parent graph
  • multi-instance sub-process – which can be spawned to run separately of the parent graph

Sub-processes can either be created within the parent graph or created as it’s own graph and linked into the parent graph using the import graph capabilities.

Getting Started

Creating Processes

  1. We can create new Process in graph by clicking on the + Add Process button in the activities/process panel (placed on left by default)
  2. We can also click on insert in main menu on the top and then click on New Process
  3. Another way is to right click on the canvas anywhere (gray area), a menu will be shown click on Add Process and a new Process will be created there
  4. We can also create a new Process by dragging the + Add Process button found in the activities/process panel to the canvas and after drag a new Process will be created there.