Proces Example – Onboarding

Proces Example – Onboarding

On this page, we find an example of a proces that has been drawn in the DCR tool. This example is the onboarding of a new employee at a nondescript company.

The model can be found here


At the start of creating this graph, we made several roles and groups in order to categorise and define who does what. These roles are: Company, Database, HR Manager, New Hire, Trainer.

DCR Graph – Onboarding

These roles were given descriptions as to what the role meant.

We also created groups as a means of grouping certain activities together under a category. For this example they are: Automatic, Company, and Rules. These groups are applied to all the activities that fall under each one respectably. The Automatic group refers to the activities that are done automatically, the Company group refers to activities that are done by the company, and the Rules refers to the rules that are set up between the activities i.e connections.

The graph starts with four activities that can be executed: Find computer for new hire, Find trainer for new hire, Enter new hire’s information, and Fill out contractual papers. These activities can be done in any order and multiple times but must all have been executed at least once before moving on in the graph.

You can read more about this here

The model contains the most used connection such as: conditions, response, include and exclude. Read more about them here


This is an overview of the document produced with the Document Generator:

Exformatics – Example of onboarding process

  • Roles (5)
  • Groups (3)
  • Activities overview (4)
    • Pre-start
    • Find computer and keycard for new hire
    • Enter new hire’s information
    • Find a trainer for new hire
    • Fill out contractual papers
    • Information update
    • Sign contract
    • Activities including the New Hire
    • 6 month review
    • Update database with review data
    • Review of the 6 month period with new hire
    • 3-week mark
    • Performance interview with new hire
    • Update system with performance data
    • First day of new hire
    • Receive computer and keycard
    • Introduce to colleagues
    • Introduce new hire to IT systems and work process
    • Begin work
    • Finish onboarding process
  • Relations overview (23)
  • Graph image