New portal – DCR 2.5

The portal used in has been fully redesigned to facilitate easier collaboration and better editing graphs.

In the new DCR 2.5 Interface, there are some new features such as categories and collections. Furthermore, we have redesigned the interface to be even more user-friendly and intuitive.

The categories allow the user to index their DCR graphs according to their own needs e.g. a category could be “X’s graphs”. Categories can be shared with the user’s connections for an easy and quick way for sharing multiple graphs at one time.
Another new feature is the Collection. This feature allows the user to index their own categories into a “overall” folder. An example of this could be “HR” collection that are a collection of all the categories that have something to do with HR. These collection and categories are created by the user.

New features include:

  • View Recent visited graphs
  • Find Connections directly on front page
  • Categories – place graphs into categories – and share a category with friends
  • Group categories into collections
  • For each graph
    • Activity stream, comments, shown as default
    • Easy sharing of graph through Sharing panel – share graph on LinkedIn and Facebook
    • See with whom graph is shared
    • View graph statistics – who contributed, who liked it etc
    • View graph simulations – will be improved shortly in later release
  • View top users
  • View top graphs
  • View new graphs