DCR Insight Portal 1.0 – Path History

DCR Insight Portal 1.0 – Path History

Generally Path History displays how people have actually worked and used the system. You might expect all people to work in a similar manner but looking at real data might surprise you. As sketched below you might have an idea of how the work is done, the design, but you might get real evidence from data that provide you with new insight.

Insight Portal - Design versus Experience

When designing business processes it is important that laws and rules are followed, that people work compliant according to rules and regulations. However despite strict rules and regulations there can still be many options of how the work is actually done.

Path History makes it possible to analyze a set of scenarios or process instances. The result is presented online and can be exported by the user.

Now we extend Path History so you can not only analyze scenarios but also log files from systems such as DCR Open Case Manager or KMD WorkZone. A log file must either follow the DCR XML Log format or the generic XES standard format.

Path History now makes it possible to analyze the data.

When the applicated is launched from the scenarios tabs we now present the layout outlined below. Try it yourself from this link:

Insight Portal - Path History

We show the Path History to the left and on the right it is possible to load log files in the Data tab, as well as check/unckecck the traces, i.e. Scenarios, as well as the activities. Whenever you change the list you can click the begin button in the lower right corner to update the view. Below we’ve deselected all but one scenario:

Insight Portal - Path History - One scenario only

Adding another trace will extend the view:

Insight Portal - Path History - two scenarios

Adding more traces but removing some activities, e.g. Approve leads to another view:

Insight Portal - Path History - remove certain activities

Using Path History in the new context makes it possible to remove non important activities that could lead to a simpler view of how the work is done.

Future plans

DCR Insight Portal will be extended so logic can be used in other applications such as Model Recommendation. Selecting specific traces and activities for process mining will make it possible to identify best practices from large data sets.

Analyzing time and time intervals in traces is currently being analyzed. Can we define scenarios where a the interval between two activities last only a certain period, say 1 day. So the same sequence of activities can have several scenarios depending on the time interval between the specific activities in each scenario.