DCR Form

DCR Form using sub-processes

The DCRGraphs.net portal has supported DCR Forms since 2016. However, semantically we’ve changed the logic by introducing single instance sub-processes.

In the previous release a DCR Form was hosted in a process and could have relations to inner events from the outside process.

In the new version a DCR Form is hosted in a single instance sub-process, which carries a state. This means that relations can go to the single instance sub-process instead of the inner events of the DCR Form. In the previous release we added a FormButton events which was used to link relations to and from controlling the form within a process.

An example form is provided in the portal for reference.

DCR Form in simulation

Notice that the relations now go to the single instance sub-process event named Make a Decision, and not to any inner events (previously named Form Button) inside the form.

DCR Forms can be used to provide initial values similar to parameters found in Edit Resources, as well as changing values of events during simulations.


When you simulate the above graph the task list show a little different for forms as it shows “Open” instead of “Execute”.

Open form in task list
When you click Open the DCR Form opens inside the simulation

Opening a form in simulation