Collaboration and connections

The portal facilitates collaboration among co-workers and connections. Graphs can be shared in various ways.

Your co-wokers and connections

You can get a list of co-workers and connections by choosing the Connections menu.

Your Connections

The page will show your connections.


Adding and finding co-workers

You can add and find connections from the “Invite Friends” panel as shown below:

Adding Connections

Friends can be invited searching them by name, or you can enter their email address to invite them to the portal.

Ensure your profile is shared

A pre-requisite for others to be able to find you is that your profile is searchable. Due to European GDPR privacy issues we cannot make your profile searchable by default. When you sign-up to the portal you can choose to make your profile searchable or you can change your profile as sketched below:

Edit profile

Ensure the “Make my profile public searchable” is checked.

Sharing graphs

Graphs can be shared directly or through categories.

Sharing a graph direcly

Graphs can easily be shared with connections enabling them to view and edit the graph, try simulations etc. Simply select the share panel

Share a Graph

and click Share With Connections.

Search friends to share graph

Direct dialogue is also possible in the portal, simply by using the built-in activity stream, a social media type of blog similar to what you see on Facebook.

Making a graph public

You can also choose to share a graph with everyone in your organisation by making the graph public.

Making a graph public

At the moment you can share graphs public in the Public organisation. That capability will be removed at some point.

Sharing graphs in categories

In the front page of the portal your Collections and Categories are shown in the left area of the screen.

Collections and categories

You can add new categories by clicking the menu found on Categories

Collections and categories

and then fill out the form.

Add a new category

Each category has a menu

Category menu

Choosing Share will show you the connections that have access to the Category and you can add more users to the Collection.

Share a Category

Your organisation

In the upper left corner of the portal your present organisation is always shown:

Your current organisation

Clicking Settings


you can change your current organisation, if you are member of several organisations.


Graphs created belong to the current organisation you’re member of.


In a future version of DCR Graphs you can create your own team and share graphs and categories with teams making collaboration easier.