Process Descriptions

Buyer – Seller Example The process involves three participants, a Buyer, a Seller and a Delivery Service. First, the process starts when the buyer selects a product, and then he asks for a quote to the Seller. Later, the seller replies to the buyer with an offer.  The Buyer can either accept the offer, reject it, or… read more »

Tabt arbejdsfortjeneste

Øvelse – 1. dag Hvis en borger søger om godtgørelse for tabt arbejdsfortjeneste skal sagsbehandleren indhente dokumentation for at barnet har behov for pasning af forældre og den pågældende forældre skal oplyse løn og pension til beregning af godtgørelse før godtgørelse kan udbetales. Borgeren skal have svar senest 30 dage efter ansøgningen er modtaget. Øvelse… read more »

Time patterns

Time patterns In the post we will document various patterns we’ve seen from various customers and partners. Put a deadline on hold in building case permits We’ve worked with Genoa and Copenhagen Municipalities on building permit process and have found a pattern where a deadline is put on hold while awaiting information from the applicant…. read more »

Recommended Next Step

Recommended Next Step Using various advances in AI and other technologies DCR Simulator now supports the ability to make recommendations to the end user about the next step. Notice the new web part, “Recommendations” in the top in the center area of DCR Simulator. It shows the next suggested activity, if any is found, with … read more »


Process When an employee completes an expense report, the expenses must be paid out within a week. When reports are completed, the leader must approve the report. If the manager approves then finance must pay out the money. If the report is pending approval, payment cannot be made. If the leader rejects the report then… read more »

DCR Graph Wiki

DCR Graph Wiki This is the wiki site for the business process model tool DCR Graph. Within this wiki is explanations of the functionality of DCR, updates on new releases & features, and details of how to use the tool. An introduction to DCR – Dynamic Condition Response Frequently Asked Questions Release Notes DCRGraphs.net Web-based… read more »


It is possible to extend DCR Graphs with new Applications called App’s. Please refer to the App Store documentation. Examples can be found here too. App store The App store currently hosts four applications Path Analyzer – the Path Analyzer makes it possible to search for paths through the graph including and excluding various activities,… read more »


DCR Highlighter Demo February 14th, 2019 Process When an employee fill out an expense report the money must be paid out in one week. After filling out the expense report the manager must approve the expense report. If the manager approves the expense report the money can be paid out by finance. If the case… read more »

Single instance sub-process

Single instance sub-process We’ve enhanced the DCR semantics and is now supporting two different types of “grouping of events”: Nesting – the “classical” way of grouping events together Single instance sub-process – a new way of “grouping” events which we believe is more intuitively. Once the grouping is Accepting, i.e. no pending events (blue exclamation… read more »