Release process

Release process In order to ensure a robust and errorless solution DCR Solutions leverages the principles of continuous integration. In practice we release new versions of the portal at least monthly, a principle we’ve followed since the very first official release of the portal on March 22nd 2016. Please refer to the release history for… read more »

Introduction to DCR

Welcome to the DCR community. We recommend that you now take 45-60 minutes to get basic introduction to DCR. Overview – 5 mintues Introduction – 25 minutes Details – 20 minutes In order to understand the overall philosophy of DCR graphs we recommend that you start viewing this Introduction to DCR graphs/ Watch this video… read more »

Portal User Journey

Portal User Journey As of Release 5.4 – June 28th, 2020 the portal is governed by a User Journey Graph. The update is intented to help users get familiar with DCR, by showing the users information relevant for them. Users can now find six tiles on home page in the DCR portal, suggesting links to… read more »

Organizational administrator

Organizational administrator Some users have the role of administrator of an organization. This role enables the user to view the users, graphs and simulations found in the organization. In the upper left corner of the portal find the organization or Community button and select user roles as outlined below: Notice: This button only exists if… read more »

Common activities and roles

Common activities and roles Common activities and roles have been added to the DCR Portal. Common activities and roles can be shared among graphs in a category, which makes it easier to maintain the same activity across many graphs. Supported use cases are: View, create, update and delete a common activty View, create, update and… read more »

Process Descriptions

Buyer – Seller Example The process involves three participants, a Buyer, a Seller and a Delivery Service. First, the process starts when the buyer selects a product, and then he asks for a quote to the Seller. Later, the seller replies to the buyer with an offer.  The Buyer can either accept the offer, reject it, or… read more »

Tabt arbejdsfortjeneste

Øvelse – 1. dag Hvis en borger søger om godtgørelse for tabt arbejdsfortjeneste skal sagsbehandleren indhente dokumentation for at barnet har behov for pasning af forældre og den pågældende forældre skal oplyse løn og pension til beregning af godtgørelse før godtgørelse kan udbetales. Borgeren skal have svar senest 30 dage efter ansøgningen er modtaget. Øvelse… read more »

Time patterns

Time patterns In the post we will document various patterns we’ve seen from various customers and partners. Put a deadline on hold in building case permits We’ve worked with Genoa and Copenhagen Municipalities on building permit process and have found a pattern where a deadline is put on hold while awaiting information from the applicant…. read more »

Recommended Next Step

Recommended Next Step Using various advances in AI and other technologies DCR Simulator now supports the ability to make recommendations to the end user about the next step. Notice the new web part, “Recommendations” in the top in the center area of DCR Simulator. It shows the next suggested activity, if any is found, with … read more »