DCR Designer

Process fragments

Process fragments – beta March 2020 Sometimes graphs can be large and you wish to split them into smaller graphs to make each piece easier to manage. You might also wish to create a library of fragments that can be reused in other processes, e.g. an approval fragment or a decision form in an application… read more »

Settings in DCR Designer

Settings in DCR Designer The DCR Designer supports two settings: Ability to show Options panel automatically when selecting an activity (Sidebar: Auto Show) Ability to show information about the activity when holding the mouse over an activity (Activity: Tooltip) Choose Edit – Settings Once chosen the Settings menu will be shown Change Settings Activity: Tooltip… read more »

Documentation panel

Documentation panel DCR graphs now support the ability to provide more detailled information about each activity. Previously we only had a Label and Description field, but in the new Documentation Panel we’ve added two new fields, Purpose and System Guide. Documentation panel These new fields can also be edited in the Activity Editor. Documentation panel… read more »


Parameters Parameters of a graph can be edited under the graph resources When starting a simulation these parameters can be modified to match the specific simulation Parameters can be used in guarded events in the same way as activities, i.e. use the name of the parameter in the expression e.g. “Param1=2” which will evaluate to… read more »

Edit Resources

Edit Graph Detail and Resources A set of attributes are associated with a graph and can be edited under Graph Detail. Graph Detail Title – the title of the graph Category Keywords Description Background color Edit Resources 1/3 Resources A second panel enables the user to edit other objects: Roles – the different type of… read more »


Categories A graph can be associated with a category which makes it easier to find the graph. Categories can be navigated from the front page of the portal Categories on portal and makes it easier to group graphs. Categories can also be shared with people making it easier to share graphs amount a group of… read more »


Keywords, #hashtags In DCR Graphs 1.4+ you can associate hashtags, e.g. #dcr, with each graph. Associating hashtags with a graph In a later version it will be possible to search and filter on these hashtags in order to group graphs in various ways.

Graph Completeness

Graph Completeness The Graph Completeness bar gives shows how many features are in use in a current graph. This include details of every activity and relation in the graph. Competness Feature of DCR-Graph When opened, a view of the completeness of the different aspects of the graph is shown Different aspects of the graph

DCR Tour

DCR Tour The DCR tour will guide the users through the tool and the ways in which they can create a DCR Graph. This is done by showing how to input activities, relations, nesting and other important aspects of the tool. This is an interactive tour which means that the user will be guided by… read more »

DCR Designer

DCR Designer DCR Designer is a web tool and can be used by anyone having an account on dcrgraphs.net. We can create/edit/save/simulate graphs with it. It also packs some capabilities of importing and exporting DCR graphs as well as simulation replay. Major Features Major features of the editor are as follows:xx Create New Graphs Save/Export… read more »