DCR Portal

Learn more

Learn more New logic created to take users through a tour of the DCR graphs portal and wiki. On the front page you will find that the “Learn more” area has been modified as outlined below: Learn More on frontpage Clicking an entry will do various things, initially mainly opening a link with detailed information,… read more »

Settings in DCR Designer

Settings in DCR Designer The DCR Designer supports two settings: Ability to show Options panel automatically when selecting an activity (Sidebar: Auto Show) Ability to show information about the activity when holding the mouse over an activity (Activity: Tooltip) Choose Edit – Settings Once chosen the Settings menu will be shown Change Settings Activity: Tooltip… read more »

User Experience

Learn more As of February 28th, 2019 we’ve enhanced the learn more section of the home page. Learn more We’re currently working to enhance this section so it will be controlled by a DCR graph and thereby guide the user into the DCR community. In March 2019 release we except to provide the dynamic model… read more »


Up- and response time monitoring We monitor up- and response time of the DCRGraphs.net portal using Site24x7. February 19th, 2019 As a result of our monitoring we managed to locate som issues in the server configuration which lead to a significant performance improvement. Significantly faster response times December 31st, 2018 After a year of monitoring… read more »

Documentation panel

Documentation panel DCR graphs now support the ability to provide more detailled information about each activity. Previously we only had a Label and Description field, but in the new Documentation Panel we’ve added two new fields, Purpose and System Guide. Documentation panel These new fields can also be edited in the sequence editor. Documentation panel… read more »


Parameters Parameters of a graph can be edited under the graph resources When starting a simulation these parameters can be modified to match the specific simulation Parameters can be used in guarded events in the same way as activities, i.e. use the name of the parameter in the expression e.g. “Param1=2” which will evaluate to… read more »

Edit Resources

Edit Graph Detail and Resources A set of attributes are associated with a graph and can be edited under Graph Detail. Graph Detail Title – the title of the graph Category Keywords Description Background color Edit Resources 1/3 Resources A second panel enables the user to edit other objects: Roles – the different type of… read more »

DCR Form

DCR Form using sub-processes The DCRGraphs.net portal has supported DCR Forms since 2016. However, semantically we’ve changed the logic by introducing single instance sub-processes. In the previous release a DCR Form was hosted in a process and could have relations to inner events from the outside process. In the new version a DCR Form is… read more »