DCR Insight Portal

DCR Insight Portal 1.0 – Path History

DCR Insight Portal 1.0 – Path History Generally Path History displays how people have actually worked and used the system. You might expect all people to work in a similar manner but looking at real data might surprise you. As sketched below you might have an idea of how the work is done, the design,… read more »

Graph Discovery

Graph Discovery – Model Recommendation DCRGraphs.net contains an app, Model Recommendation, which can analyse scenarios and suggest rules to the user. The App is based on latest research from Copenhagen University on process mining and process discovery. Identifying rules in a DCR graph has been a topic for several student project at IT University and Copenhagen… read more »

Path History

Path History The Path History application makes it possible to analyze a set of simulations or process instances. The result is presented online and can be exported by the user. Path History The application can be reached from the front page of the portal under Scenarios as outlined below: Analyze scenarios Click the Analyze scenarios… read more »


DCR XML Log A DCR XML Log format is defined in This document proposes an XML format for serializing DCR runs. Recording traces comes up in several contexts: Input for the “Simulation Log” in the simulator in the portal Input for the swimlane visualiser Output of the path analyser Data structure for saved simulations (Potential)… read more »