It is possible to extend DCR Graphs with new Applications called App’s. Please refer to the App Store documentation. Examples can be found here too.

App store

The App store currently hosts four applications

  • Path Analyzer – the Path Analyzer makes it possible to search for paths through the graph including and excluding various activities, similar to using your GPS or Google Map to find a path.
  • Dead-end Analyzer – this application analyse a graph in order to find potential paths that can lead to a state where the goal can never be reached. Live/deadlock detection.
  • Document Generator Render your process as a Microsoft Word, PDF document, HTML file or ZIP file. The document contains details about all roles, activities, and relations, and contains all representative swimlanes saved in simulations
  • Highlighter
  • Align activities – this application tries to place activities so relations do not overlap using force-directed graph logic
  • Model Recommendation – this application analyze Scenarios or logs, that is either XES or DCR XML Logs, in order to recommend new relations between activities.

How to use Apps

The videos below show how to create, enable and use Apps in the graph editor: