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An activity is a task that needs to be accomplished within a defined period of time or by a deadline to work towards work-related goals. Activities can be linked together using connections to create dependencies.


An activity holds several different attributes. Each attribute has three state-values, It can have relations to other activities, It can have a name, role(s) assigned to it, a description, and be part of groups and a level.


The three Boolean states that every activity has are:
  • Included
  • Pending
  • Executed

All the relationary conditions are based on these values.

Creating Activities

Activity in the Graph Editor

  1. We can create new activities in graph by clicking on the + Add Activity button in the activities/process panel (placed on left by default)
  2. We can also click on insert in main menu on the top and then click on + New Activity
  3. Another way is to right click on the canvas anywhere (gray area), a menu will be shown click on Add Activity and a new Activity will be created there
  4. We can also create a new Activity by dragging the + Add Activity button found in the activities/process panel to the canvas and after drag a new Activity will be created there.